I am sincerely grateful to each and everyone who worked so wonderfully hard on my campaign for Supervisor, District 1, Vallejo. It has been my honor to have worked with so many intelligent and passionate people who want to make Vallejo a better place.

Thank you!
Robert McConnell

Robert has been walking District 1, to hear from constituents, and to let them know what he would like to do for Vallejo as their Solano County Supervisor if elected. He is also making sure that voters know that the election is coming up on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

A wealth of information is available at the Solano County - Registrar of Voters.

If you would like Robert to address an issue, or answer a question that is near and dear to you, please Contact Robert.

You can also use this link to request a yard sign, and the campaign will try to get you one as they become available.

The campaign welcomes your donations, and thanks you for your support!



On October 25, 2019 the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation hosted a public celebration to commemorate the sail of the USS MARIANO G. VALLEJO (SSBN-658). Over 200 former crew members were expected for the event.

Dedication – USS Vallejo Memorial


About the Election

Solano County is made up of 5 districts. I am running for Supervisor of Solano County District 1. Basically, District 1 is Vallejo north of Georgia Street, the shaded green area on this map. Some of the other districts are larger, but less people. Notice how the five Solano County districts overlap with the County, State and Federal districts, a full list of elected officials is here.

In January of 2020, my second term of service as Vallejo City Council Member will be complete. Since I cannot run for a third term, I discussed it with my family and friends and have decided to continue to serve Vallejo at the county level. As a County Supervisor my duties and responsibilities will change---but my goals and vision for our community remain the same. I am committed to
  • supporting and bringing businesses to Vallejo
  • improving essential services including transportation options
  • caring for the health and well being of all people and our natural environment

To learn what I am working on in 2019 as a city council member and future plans for 2020 and beyond, please sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook and Twitter (@VjoCCMcConnell).

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For additional information contact us at the campaign email or call 707-642-4500.

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